Teambuilding Communication


 Case Study – Pukka Pies

Pukka Pies is a privately owned family business, founded  in  1963. It employs 250 people and makes 50 million  pies and pasties a year, operating from the most modern pie production facility in Europe.

Pukka Pies has a  conscientious and loyal staff. This is
the company's strongest asset and many people have
worked there 10, 15, 20, 25 and even  40 years. The
Directors make job security
a central objective of the
business and have never made anyone redundant or
put anyone on short time.

As part of Pukka Pies' commitment to its staff, TCLuk
Training has provided leadership and management  training for supervisors, team leaders and other line

  Pukka Pies was facing the common problem of wanting to promote from within, with an abundance of
  candidates who were technically proficient but who had no training in team leadership. Moreover, many of
  these employees had been out of formal education for many years, and the prospect of "going on a course"
  was daunting. What was needed was a combination of skills-based training and confidence building

  We began with an introductory level 2 certificate in Team Leading. Participants quickly overcame their
  anxieties, and all were successful. This gave most the confidence to go on and complete the full level 2 in
  Team Leading.

  The results were dramatic. Because of our personalised approach to training, participants reported that they
  had grown in confidence about their ability to learn. They have also put their new skills into practice, and the
  HR manager reports a significant reduction in personnel issues that she has to deal with herself. These issues
  are now being dealt with by line managers. Morale and productivity have improved immensely as a result.

Case Study – Derbyshire Care and Home Support

Derbyshire Care and Home Support provides supported housing to a wide range of residents in a variety of settings in Derbyshire.

  The organisation has grown tremendously and now has three offices within the county.

Senior staff are between two of the offices, with the third as a dedicated training and resource facility.

The organisation is facing major change. We worked with the CEO to create a leadership and management programme for the Senior Staff to brush up their skills, get projects completed which have been languishing, and to improve working together.

The results of the eight-week course – given in half days – were excellent. All projects met or exceeded their objectives. All participants noticed improvements in their working together and staff management. Margaret Palfreyman, Head of Operations, Derbyshire Care and Home Support, had this to say in the programme evaluation:

"Excellent programme highlighting visionary leadership skills with full team participation to take the organisation forward."

Case study – Touchstone Housing Association

Touchstone Housing Association is part of the Keynote Housing Group. Touchstone Housing provides 25,000 housing units in the Midlands area. We met with the Regional Housing Manager in Leicester and determined her need was for an independent audit of Touchstone’s floating support team in Leicester to find any areas of weakness before the Supporting People review.

We interviewed her staff and reviewed policy and procedure documents. Our report highlighted areas for improvement, and provided Touchstone with a training needs analysis for the team as well as highlighting areas of excellence.

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