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TCLuk Training offers National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) in the following areas:


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NVQs are totally flexible, and can start at any time. Because they are work-based qualifications, they cause minimum disruption to normal working patterns. There is no requirement to attend classes - the work your staff normally does forms the evidence of competency for the qualification.

NVQS can be completely FREE to both the employer and the employee, through Train to Gain. Email us or ring 07805 309 111 for more details

The following FAQ will help you to determine if an NVQ is the right qualification for your staff. If you would like further information, or to arrange a free no-obligation consultation, call 07805 309 111 or email us.

What is an NVQ?

A National Vocational Qualification is a work-based qualification. Candidates collect evidence according to the National Occupational Standard (NOS) of the S/NVQ, to prove their competence.

What is an NVQ equivalent to?

Because NVQs are work-based qualifications, it is difficult to give exact academic equivalents. However, as a guide:

Level 2 NVQ - 5 GSCEs at A-C

Level 3 NVQ - BTEC National Certificate or Diploma

Level 4 NVQ - BTEC Higher National Certificate or Diploma

Do candidates need to attend classes or night school?

No. S/NVQs are an assessment of competence in the workplace. An assessor will visit candidates in the workplace to carry out a range of assessments. The assessor may also need to talk with the candidate's colleagues and/or line manager.

Is there any homework?

Yes, there may be. Candidates will collect most of their evidence in the workplace as a result of their daily work. Organising and cross referencing evidence and compiling a portfolio will also need to be done. Candidates may have to do this at home if they do not have enough time within their working hours.

Are there any examinations?

No. Assessors will assess candidates over a period of time in the workplace.

Will it stop candidates from doing their jobs?

No. In fact, the S/NVQ should complement their job and demonstrate their competence.

How much time will it take?

Candidates can work at their own pace. The time it takes to complete an S/NVQ may be affected by workload, the candidate's commitment (and the employer's) and how easily the candidate can find the evidence required. As a rough guide:

Level 2 NVQ - 6-9 months

Level 3 NVQ - 9-12 months

Level 4 NVQ - 12-18 months

Candidates do not have to complete within these timescales. However registrations with the Awarding Body of the NVQ last for three years. If it takes you longer than this They will have to re-register. The minimum time required for NVQ completion is 10 weeks.

What qualification will the candidate obtain?

Candidates who register with TCLuk Training take NVQs to help them achieve management, business, customer service and housing qualifications. These can be used to qualify for membership in various trade organisations, such as the Chartered Institute of Housing or The Chartered Management Institute, but the S/NVQ is a qualification in its own right. You will receive a certificate from the Awarding Body.

Can candidates fail an S/NVQ?

No. If the candidate has not provided enough or the right evidence, the assessor will help find additional or different evidence.

How often will candidates see their assessor?

The assessor should either visit or make contact every four to six weeks.

How long will a visit last?

This will vary depending on what the assessor has planned. It may take 2-3 hours or longer for an observation of a lengthy piece of work.

Who decides what level the candidate starts at?

The level the candidate works at in their current employment determines the starting NVQ level. Candidates must discuss this carefully with their employer and they may also contact TCLuk Training for guidance.

What if the candidate changes employer?

The candidate will need to tell us who their new employer is and their address. It should  normally be possible to continue.

What qualifications do TCLuk Training assessors have?

All assessors are 'occupationally competent'. This means that their professional experience matches the NVQs that they wish to assess. Our assessors also hold D/32-33 and/or an A1 assessors award.

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