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If you can afford staff, you can afford our training courses

TCLuk is the training provider for small business and charities

If you run a small company, you probably know that 99.3% of companies in the UK are classed as small businesses. These are companies that employ fewer than 50 people. And yet  small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) employ 12 million people, or 58% of the private sector workforce.

Despite the fact that well over half the workers in the private sector are employed by SMEs, many training courses seem to be designed for the needs of larger companies - and are priced accordingly. Finding services that are high-quality, cost-effective and flexible is challenge. Yet this is what small businesses need.

TCLuk Training is different. We understand the needs of small businesses, and we offer courses tailored to your needs. So what does that mean?


Our course fees are competitive, and we offer further reductions when you book as few as seven participants on a course. We also offer discounts for registered charities.

As well, because we offer accredited courses, grants are often available to cover part or all of the cost of the training.


Of course, while we price our courses with the needs of small businesses in mind, we don't compromise on quality. Our NVQ courses come with recognised qualifications. This means that not only will your company benefit from improved performance, your staff will gain the added self-confidence that achieving a qualification brings.

Our trainers are all experts in their field. Many have experience working for small businesses and charities.


Our courses are entirely flexible, and bespoke to meet your needs - and those of your staff. This includes running courses in-house, or at premises local to you. Courses can be run at times to suit you, including evenings and weekends.

Because our courses are modular, they can be done in bite-sized chunks of an hour or two at a time, or as intensive courses over three, four or five days.


At TCLuk Training, we believe in supporting students throughout the course. Our tutors are available by phone and email to help with any queries, or to offer general support and advice.

Our  Guarantee

Last but not least, there is our guarantee. You will pass or we will refund the course fees. For our NVQ and other programmes, we agree outcomes with you at the start, and we guarantee that you will meet those outcomes. Investing in our courses is risk-free.

So why not find out what we can do for you.


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