Teambuilding Communication



Great bite-size sections to the course. It was good to understand others' personality preferences. Excellent notes and reports, with good delivery – approachable and great use of examples.

Jacqui Tilyard, Business Link Leicester

The session clearly identified aspects of myself that I haven't thus far completely understood – but actually it's OK! I can take steps to move on.

Jeanette Silver, MD, Guiding You Home

The course has given our managers not only more skills but much more confidence. It has been a big morale boost for the managers and their teams.

Kerry Dickens, HR Manager, Pukka Pies

The [training]  has helped our senior management team
to understand each others' preferred ways of working and so we are better able to manage meetings for improved results.

Heather Rutherford, HR Manager, Orbit Housing Group

I liked the self-discovery, not only my perception of me, but other perceptions of me. It will help others to understand more about how  I react to situations in a personal and business environment.

Alison Freer, Owner, Retrospect Secretarial Services

I liked the interactive session about understanding variations in characteristics, how other people see us and what they need.

Jackie Pendray, House of Colour

Excellent programme highlighting visionary leadership skills with full team participation to take the organisation forward.

Margaret Palfreyman, Head of Operational Services, Derbyshire Care and Home Support

The analysis was easy to understand and very practical. The session was broken down into small chunks; I liked moving around and doing things with different groups.

Rona Nicholson, MD, Orbit Bexley Housing Association

Beth ... was fully aware of the need for sheltered housing staff to develop their skills ... in such a way that it suited the needs of each candidate... [F]or 90% of them it was their first formal qualification and gave them verified recognition of the important job they do. Beth not only guided and cajoled the staff through their NVQ she instilled in them a belief that their role was valuable and valued. They grew in confidence and understanding of their role and this in turn enhanced the quality of the service to our tenants.

Gill Shilam, Senior Support Officer, Melton Borough Council
Read Gill's full testimonial

It's been a very positive course. It's made me more aware of issues within my working environment.

Trish Neale, Melton Borough Council

It was interesting to discover for myself the new laws and regulations. Also to stretch myself, to think and to learn more.

Jenny Whiteley, Melton Borough Council

It has helped met to improve my service to tenants and deal much better with any issues that may arise. Also it's nice to gain a qualification in my work.

Sharon Ward, Melton Borough Council

The session was nicely paced, relaxed and informal. It did not rely on the standard gimmicks usually associated with similar courses e.g., role play! (which can be both embarrassing and counter-productive). Interest was maintained throughout a full day.

Stephen Wilson, Head of Finance, Derbyshire Care and Home Support

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